Relationships can be defined as how one connects to oneself or others. Relationships in families are formed through a common ancestor or an explicit emotional commitment that is strengthened by ongoing mutual experiences. Romantic relationships in the pursuit of love are a source of deep fulfillment. One’s relationship with oneself is the foundation of all else and informs how we cope, how we relate to others, and what we seek out in our other relationships.

Regardless of the type of relationship, every relationship experiences difficulties that are frequently the result of deeply ingrained patterns of relating to others. Failed relationships occur for many reasons that are not obvious on the surface. Therapy can help.

Most people must work consciously to master the skills needed to allow relationships to endure and flourish. Strong relationships are dependent upon healthy communication and the knowledge that those invested in the relationship are willing to devote time and attention to the other. Accommodating the differences and challenges that inevitably emerge in every relationship is often confusing, painful, and hard to navigate. However, steps can be taken to regain footing and return to a place of shared affection, mutual respect, and a sense of being on the same team. 

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