I am dedicated to assisting others to achieve a happier, more fulfilled version of themselves. I provide therapy to adults, teens, couples, and families. I work with the knowledge that everyone has their own life-experiences, inner wisdom, and ultimate goals. I utilize techniques that have been found to yield the best outcomes. I remain flexible in the therapeutic process and listen with an open mind and heart. I pay attention to what makes you comfortable regarding the pace of therapy and your ability to disclose your innermost feelings. 

I believe in a non-judgmental stance that fosters discourse allowing for a deeper exploration of what motivates you, what brings you distress, or what keeps you stuck. My clients tell me I am easy to talk to, authentic, and relatable. I will share with you what I am thinking so you do not have to wonder. 

Connecting with the right therapist is the first step. I have been helping others shift their perceptions, heal from emotional pain, and reach their personal goals for over ten years. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in the treatment of complex trauma, PTSD, substance use, and mood and anxiety-related disorders. I have extensive experience working with interpersonal conflict including domestic violence.

In addition to my private practice, I work as the Clinical Program Manager for a co-occurring residential treatment facility in Oakland, CA. There I have had the great privilege to work alongside physicians, psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, drug- court representatives, attorneys, and child-welfare workers. This experience has provided me with unique insight into the world of trauma and addiction and afforded me the opportunity to expand my knowledge base in ways that benefit all of my clients.

 You have choices when it comes to selecting a therapist and I am honored you are considering me.

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